Division for Applied Social Psychology Research

  • 2007 – 2009

    Exploring Issues of Terrorism and Deradicalization

    Before it was established on 2 May 2017, members of the Research Team had joined in research exploring the motive of terror acts perpetrated by groups acting on behalf of Islam since 2007. This is due to the direction of the late Professor Sarlito W. Sarwono as the initiator of the psychology of terrorism in Indonesia who is also our teacher.

  • 2009

    Cooperation Experience with Pusat Studi Al-Quran (PSQ)

    In 2009 our research team cooperated with Pusat Studi Al-Quran (PSQ) which at that time was led by Professor Quraish Shihab. A deradicalization pilot program was performed on terrorism and ex-combatant convicts who fought in a number of areas inside and outside of Indonesia

  • 2011-2015

    Experience with ex-convicts of terrorism and combatant

    After working with terrorism convicts, our team was also involved in the intervention of terrorism ex-convicts and in facilitating their da'wah according to their ability and interest through peaceful means.

  • 2015-2017

    Reeducation of Terrorism Convicts and Their Wives

    In 2015, our research team was in contact with convicts and their family (wives and children). A number of workshops were organized in several prisons in Java and Sulawesi Island using psychological approach and entrepreneurship training. The wives were also invited to become agents campaigning for a peaceful Islam.

  • 2017-NOW

    DASPR: Evaluation program for deradicalization and reeducation activity inside and outside of prison.

    Since the first year of its establishment, DASPR had done reeducation of terrorism convicts and their families both inside and outside of prison. In addition, we also collaborate with Ditjen Lapas, PPIM UIN, and UNDP to assess a number of de-radicalization activity in prison.