Division for Applied Social Psychology Research.


DASPR UI conducted research focused on the following subjects:

  • 1. Radicalism and counter violent extremism
  • 2. The roles of women in counter violent extremism
  • 3. Rehumanization project
  • 4. Social stigma
  • 5. Politic, news media, and identity discourse
  • 6. Prejudice and metaprejudice


Empowerment Program Inside and Outside of Prison

This program targets terrorism convicts and their families. It includes a number of areas namely re-education, psychological counseling, both for individuals as well as for groups, as well as the debriefing of entrepreneurial skills. The participants are voluntarily invited, while the activities were presented in an informal dialogue. In addition, we also try increasing the participants' empathy so they are better able to interact with people from a different background. Furthermore, the entrepreneurship training provided skills to support their finances, which is especially useful once they are free. The program outside of the prison, on the other hand, is focused on visiting the families of terrorism convicts. During the visitation, the wives are given psychological counseling.

Fostering The Effectiveness of Deradicalization Programs in The Prison (Assessment Program in Prison)

A program aimed at accessing or weighing activities related to CVE (Counter Violent Extremism) that had been done by government and private agencies in prison.

Girl Ambassador for Peace (2017-2018, collaboration with AMAN and GNWP )

Girls Ambassador for Peace (GA4P) Program is a program that resulted from the collaboration between Global Network Women for Peace (GNWP), AMAN Indonesia and also DASPR Daya Makara UI. The program was implemented in two cities in Indonesia namely Lamongan and Poso. The aim of this program is to form ambassadors of peace in both cities whose members are young girls who want to contribute in spreading peace in their cities.