Vision & Mission

Division for Applied Social Psychology Research.


  • Becoming a Research Center that is integrated with Study Program to achieve the ideal of Tri Dharma model of higher education.
  • Becoming a data source in mapping social issues such as conflict and violence, as well as in problem solving efforts.
  • Becoming a reference in the use of non-violent approach or humanistic approach.


  • Educating as well as cultivating research activities and sciences that are sensitive to social issues.
  • Creating research activities and scientific development aimed at community service.
  • Developing science, research, and community service which runs parallel to one another.
  • Join a community that actively discussed and involved in efforts to understand as well as reduce intergroup violence.
  • Getting involved in a community which seeks to find peaceful solutions by applying research findings to real situations.


  • Understanding the reason for the rise of current social issues.
  • Finding peaceful ways of resolving issues.
  • Able to provide recommendations in establishing policy and strategy that does not trigger conflict.
  • Developing a community model with a strong identity, sense of nationality, and high integrity.


DASPR has several functions, which are:
  • Becoming a center for research activities that are serious in trying to understand social issues.
  • Becoming a center for research that tries to solve social issues and form a peaceful social environment.
  • Becoming a center of activities that are actively involved in solving violence and conflicts in Indonesia, and its surrounding.
  • Becoming a place for students who want to get involved directly in research related to violence, reconciliation, and conflict resolution.
  • Facilitating workspace for visiting fellows (student, researcher, post-docs) and guest lecturers who want to be involved in research related to social and public issues.